Directions: Last Chance Aid Station

Note – Distances are approximate and we include two different measures (different cars, different drivers) to give you a range. The range seems big (half mile), it mostly depends where you reset the odometer on Mosquito Ridge Road. The most important is then to get on Fire road “44”, which should be signaled by Bob and Marsha by the time you get up-there.

  1. Take Interstate 80 to Auburn. Exit at “Foresthill – Auburn Ravine Road”. This exit is three exits past State Highway 49. At the exit, go right and through the intersection. I suggest that you fill-up your gas tank at this corner—the round trip from this point is 94 miles on mountain roads. Also, if you need any last minute things there is a Raley’s grocery store (6am-11pm) in the Shopping Center across the street.
  2. Set your odometer to 00000.  Foresthill is directly ahead of you 16.4 to 16.6 miles.
  3. At mile 16.4 you will see a Valero gas station on your right; right after the station, a sign that says “Welcome to Foresthill”; and a green sign that says “French Meadows 53”. The road on your right is Mosquito Ridge Road.
  4. Reset your odometer to 00000. Go right on Mosquito Ridge Road. This is a paved and winding mountain road with no guardrail, so be careful!
  5. At mile 22.8 to 23.2 you will see a brown sign that says “44” – Deep Canyon Road/Last Chance. This is a small sign, so don’t miss it. Go left and stay on the paved road. Don’t take the dirt road.
  6. Go through the crossing. At mile 24.4-24.9 the road becomes gravel.
  7. At mile 27.6-28.1 go straight. This junction becomes the Dusty Corner Aid Station. No cars are allowed to proceed from this point (on the course) after 09:00 on race day.  If you arrive after 9am (or you need to leave before 5:30pm), park at Dusty Corners and hike/run the 3 miles to the Last Chance Aid Station.
  8. From this point on you will be driving on the Western States Trail. Also, the road is rocky, so watch out for your oil pan.
  9. At mile 29.5-30.1 go straight. If you have sharp eyes you will see a “Last Chance” sign.
  10. At mile 30.2-30.7 go left. The yellow ribbons hanging from the trees are the Western States Trail markers. (You are on the trail, that’s why you can’t drive after 9am on Saturday morning.)
  11. At mile 30.6-31.2 go left. The Last Chance Aid Station is directly ahead.