Zinfandel – Lookout Loop (8mi)




Zinfandel Trail is situated above Stevens Canyon Road, on its’ western flank.  The following route is one of many variants frequented by the Striders on our Saturday morning run. Variations allow for loop runs of 7mi – 11mi, and take us through Pichetti OSP, Stevens Creek County Park and Fremont Older OSP.

Starting at the Stevens Creek reservoir dam parking lot, head west running on road up Stevens Canyon, along the reservoir.  Turn right at Montebello Rd. Turn left into Pichetti Ranch parking lot.  Run to west side of parking lot to gain access to start of ZInfandel Trail in Pichetti OSP.

Following Zinfandel Trail past Orchard Loop Trail, bear right over footbridge as the trail enters Stevens Creek County Park. At approx. 2.5mi you will reach a T-junction. Turn left onto fire road. 20m from junction you will find the continuation of Zinfandel Trail to your right (if you miss this turn, you will see signs indicating that you are entering private property).  Continuing along Zinfandel Trail, bear right at next junction to reach picnic area with bathrooms and water spigot.

Continue through parking lot to access Stevens Canyon Rd. Turn right, past junction with Mt. Eden Rd.  In 100m, look for picnic area with bathrooms on right side of road (access trail from road). Heading past bathrooms, you will enter Lookout Trail. Bearing right, the trail will start to climb up the ridge (many false summits along the way).  Eventually reaching fine views at the aptly named lookout, enter through gate into Fremont Older OSP.

After descending a short knoll, you will reach the junction of Lookout/Wedding/Vista Loop trails. Bear right (heading SW) at the junction onto Wedding Trail, running towards Garrod Stables.   This stretch of trail can get pretty muddy and trenched out in the winter (lots of horse traffic), but the views are quintessential Santa Cruz Mountains foothills – especially on a clear, sunny morning.  After about 800m (and a short climb) you will reach the junction Parker Ranch/Coyote Ridge/Bay View trails), a clearing at the top of Mt. Eden Vineyard (part of Garrod Stables).  Continuing to your right, bear left onto Parker Ranch Trail (SE – towards large water tank) you are running on fire roads around Nob Hill.  A spur trail to top of Nob Hill is met after about 300m on right.  Continue to junction and start of Toyon Trail. After the first section (wooden gate), turn right to continue on the Toyon Trail (BayView Trail to your left).  After the next section (wooden gate), go straight through to continue on the Toyon Trail (BayView Trail again to your left). This last section of the Toyon Trail ends at the Hayfield Trail, a main trail in Fremont Older OSP.

Turn left to start the climb up the Hayfield Trail to the intersection of the Coyote Ridge Trail.  Turn right onto the Coyote Ridge Trail. After about 500m, you will reach the junction of a pristine ridge trail on your right, as the main trail continues steeply down and to the left. Take this unmarked trail (ignoring the signs about private land – be respectful and be thankful for right to access!) for a roller coaster ride along a fun ridge overlooking Silicon Valley to the right and the Stevens Creek reservoir to the left.  Descending the ridge, one ends up in one of the many picnic areas (water spigot) of Stevens Creek County Park. Continue across the picnic area, behind the restrooms to a faint trail along a steep drop off.  After a short 50m of running, turn right onto a short, steep section to the lower restrooms and then immediately bear left up a short trail to access the park road (exit gate from trail to road) in lower Stevens Creek Park (ranger station immediately ahead). Heading towards the ranger station, turn right at the lower road to head towards the reservoir.  Passing the entrance to Tony Look Trail, keep right on the road as it degrades into broken patches of asphalt.  You are now heading up a knoll on the way maxalt max 10 mg to the dam.  As you crest the final knoll, you can see the berm of the dam in front of you.  Head down the paved access road towards the bottom of the dam and then turn right to climb the last hill up to the dam parking lot.

Tony Look Out-And-Back




This is a great introductory run in our namesake park, or one to do on an easy day out on the trails.

Starting out at the dam parking lot, head out over the dam to the eastern side of the reservoir.  The Tony Look Trail runs along the eastern side of the reservoir.  When you reach the trail, turn right (southwest). In about

Lookout Loop (7mi)




Another Striders classic! This short run (about 60min – 80min) shows off lower Stevens Creek County Park in a direct and forthright manner. The Lookout Trail is aptly named for its’ views of Stevens Canyon, and the link up with Coyote Ridge in Fremont Older OSP is an aesthetic ridge run high above Silicon Valley.

Rancho Striders Run (7mi)




Moving a little north of our beloved Canyon, one comes across Rancho San Antonio OSP – one of the more popular preserves on the western side of Silicon Valley. From Rancho, one can access classic climbs up the frontside of Black Mountain – the highest point north of Saratoga Gap in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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