Newbie Run

Next Newbie Run:  Saturday February 7, 2015

Q: What is a newbie trail run?

A: It is a guided run on the Tony Lookout trail around the border of the Stevens Creek reservoir.

Q: What do you mean by guided?

A: Guided means that at all times there will be one or more experienced members of the Stevens Creek Striders guiding you where to run. They will not leave your side until you are back at the start. They will run at your pace (unless you are too fast for us, in which case we will have Mike be your guide.  If you can outrun Mike then we really want you to run with us; nobody outruns Mike). If you have to turn back halfway (or sooner) then one of us will accompany you back to the start.

Q: Do I have to be a member of anything to join in the newbie run?

A: No membership is needed. Nor do you have to pay anything. All you need to do is to let us know that you are coming and agree to a waiver of liability (see form below). 

Q: A waiver of liability? Does that mean trail running is dangerous?

A: Did you know a lot of people die in their sleep? So does that mean sleeping is dangerous? Okay let’s not go there. The only reason we have a release form is because our club insurance requires us to do so. If you don’t want to sign a release form then you can simply become a club member instead.

Q: I am really slow, how do I know if I can keep up? I know you will stick with me all the way but I am really slow and frankly those hills make me think I will be even slower.

A: If you can do 5 miles in an hour while running on the flat streets then you are ready to run with us. That’s a 12 minute per mile pace. And even if you are a 13 minute per mile pacer then you can still run with us on the newbie run.

Q: So how far and how long will this run be?

A: We will start at the reservoir parking lot (if you park inside the lot you will have to pay Santa Clara county $6, if you park on the street along the reservoir you can park for free) and then we take the Tony Lookout trail all the way up and down to a rest area with tap water. We will rest at the rest area. That should take us about 35-40 minutes and the distance is about 2.5 miles (one way). Then we turn around and take the same way back and the uphills become down hills and the down hills become uphills. I believe the way back is also 2.5 miles and should take us 35-40 minutes.

Q: What do we do after the run is over? Do we get a medal?

A: No medal (unless you outrun Mike) but you will have earned the honor to have breakfast/brunch with us at the nearby Hobees (A Dutch treat). At Hobees (21267 Stevens Creek Blvd #310, Cupertino, CA ) we have a reserved table waiting for us. (That same table has been there every Saturday for the last 20 years!).

Q: I am not really a newbie; I have run trails before, can I still come?

A: Yes of course. Unless your only purpose is to get a medal by outrunning Mike.

Q: Are there any age limits?

A: If you are younger than 18 you will need to bring a responsible adult (good luck with that one). As far as an upper age: our oldest runner is 83 so we don’t really have any upper limits.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Normal running attire you would wear running on the streets at that time of the year. There is water halfway so if you don’t want to carry any than that is fine. No special trail shoes are needed unless you need an excuse to go buy them; in that case you do need special trail shoes.

Q: So why are you guys doing this? Is this some kind of scheme to get more members?

A: No scheme (we are not organized enough to have any schemes, we are runners, soloists (that should explain  why we are not organized)). Our real reason for doing this is that we have noticed that we have more than 200 members on meetup.com and almost nobody comes and runs with us. The trails are so nice to run and we just want you to experience this.

Final Q: I will not be able to come on that particular date. But I like the idea of doing a newbie run, now what, did I miss the boat?

A: Just come on any other Saturday at 830AM same place and we will match you up with someone your speed who will stay with you, just like a newbie run. The only difference is that we can not guarantee that Mike will be there to race against. (Strike that there will be a Mike, we have at least 5 members whose first name is Mike).

We start promptly at 8:30AM PST at the parking lot alongside the Stevens Creek Reservoir.

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