WSER: Stuff To Bring

Here is a suggested list of equipment and food to bring to the Last Chance Aid Station. You will be at an altitude of 5,350 feet, so dress accordingly (days can be warm to hot, nights cool to very cold). Please bring a camp stove for meals. During the day you will be able to help yourself to the runner’s food and drink supply, but keep in mind that the runners are often tired and heat stressed by this point, and should be encouraged to eat even if they are not very hungry. Definitely encourage the runners to replace sodium along with water. Ask Lina if we are running low on S-caps. Extra food can be taken to the finish line or used by volunteers. Please mark with your name your coolers, lawn chairs, tables and pop-ups! There are no showers or rest rooms, just a port-a-potty. The closest store is 40 miles away. There’s a spring with an outlet for washing off, but it is cold and not tested.

  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bag and Mat
  • Lawn Chair (folding chair – no seating provided up there)
  • Camp Stove (see note on meals)
  • Eating and drinking utensils
  • Bottled Water, gallons (we can always use more for the runners)
  • Coffee pot, coffee, tea, sugar & cream
  • Food for dinner Friday and breakfast Saturday and Sunday, snacks for Saturday
  • Running cloths & stuff
  • Night time warmer clothes (altitude so cool at night, hot during the day)
  • Soap, washcloth and towel
  • Ice (one or two bags per person, in a cooler, for yourself and after that for the runners – can find some on the way at Raley’s before leaving Auburn)
  • Beer, wine and Other Drinks
  • Mosquito repellent – a new bottle – last year’s may not be strong enough!!!
  • Lantern and Flashlight
  • Warm jacket
  • Toiletries, Suntan lotion, sunglasses, cap
  • Cooler (for ice)
  • Music (Bill will bring his guitar –I hope—you’re welcome to bring other instruments: ukulele?)
  • Optional: Walkie Talkies to get connected on race day and announce the runners getting in the station ahead of time 

Extra Stuff for the Aid Station and the runners (please masking tape with your name):

  • Extra Water & Ice in Cooler
  • High Style Lawn Chairs (not the low to the ground type) (We should be fine with the chairs you bring for you, with the size of our crew this year.)
  • Extra tarp to go under the drop bags (bring again if you brought last year)
  • Additional folding tables are always useful if you can bring one or two
  • Extra towels and basin/buckets for the car wash (although we should be all set again this year with Dick’s professional car wash equipment)
  • Additional pop-up awnings for shade

PS: This is Mountain Lion Country PLEASE READ the mountain lion safety notice.
Dogs are not permitted at the aid station during the race, sorry.