Upcoming Events for 2015

February 28th, RunforAmma Endurance Run

Location: South Bay and Santa Cruz Mountains.

May 9th, QuickSilver 50k & 100k Aid Station

Location: Almaden Quicksilver County Park, Guadalupe Reservoir dam overlook.

May 16th, Presidential Predictive run and spring picnic.

Location: Stevens Creek County Park

June 27th, Western States 100 Aid Station

Location: Last Chance Aid Station, 43.3 miles along WSER 100.

August 23rd, Clambake 12,17, 29 Mile Run and Clambake

Locations: Saratoga Gap Open Space Preserve, Big Basin State Park, and near a picnic near Waddell Beach.

September 26th Stevens Creek Striders 50k

Location: Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve

December 12th, Holiday Party

Location: TBD