Annual Clambake Run

Clam Bake Run & Beach Party

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Three run distances:

12, 17, and 29 miles.

Non-Running Option:

Hang out at the beach and enjoy the famous clam and salmon chowders! Relax, eat pot luck food, have fun, shuttle runners back to their cars, put your toes in the Pacific.

The Cost?

Members and their non-running beach guests: free.

For non-members to run, due to our insurance needs, the charge will be $30 but that will also include full Striders membership until the end of next June. Alternatively $50 would cover family membership so you can all run! You can join the Striders online here



29 M

Starts from Saratoga Gap at 07:00 (or 06:15 for the early starters) and ends at Waddell Beach when we get there. This is a gentle, net-downhill run, and we progress at the pace of the slowest runners.  This way we don't leave anybody behind. This is not a race!

For both the 29 M and 17 M versions the Club will be kindly offering a traveling aid station at some of the points where the trail intersects the road.

We stop at Big Basin State Park Headquarters for a short rest and photo opportunity. At Big Basin we drop off the 17 mile runners and are joined by the 12 mile runners.


17 M Starts from Saratoga Gap at 07:00 (or 06:15 for the early starters) with the 29 mile runners and ends at Big Basin State Park Headquarters. Run with the group at an easy pace.  We usually arrive at Big Basin by 10:30 AM. From Big Basin, proceed by car to Waddell Beach for the picnic.


12 M Starts at Big Basin State Park Headquarters after the 29 and 17 mile runners arrive, usually about 10:30 AM. All runners then proceed to Waddell Beach via the beautiful Big Basin trails. See waterfalls and old growth redwoods. Not to be missed!

What to do:

We will encourage and loosely organise car pooling from Penny Beeston's house up to Saratoga Gap. That way cars need not be left at Saratoga Gap or Big Basin. Then again back from Waddell Beach at the end of the day. Please indicate on the evite sign up form whether you can offer rides or need them.

Google map from Stevens Creek Reservoir to Waddell Beach via Santa Cruz, 70 minutes.


12 mile runners & car drivers:
Meet at Big Basin State Park Headquarters and wait for the arrival of the 17 & 29 mile runners expected at about 10.30. When the 18 and 30 mile runners arrive, we will pose for a group photo. Then the 12 mile runners hit the trail for Waddell Beach and the drivers depart by road to Waddell Beach.
17 & 29 mile runners:

You can drive to Saratoga Gap and park there, but you will need to sort out how to get back there at the end of the day. Otherwise we are planning to carpool from Penny Beeston's house leaving at 06:15 at 21045 Cory Court, Cupertino, 95014 to carpool to Saratoga Gap to run at 07:00. Please park just outside on Stelling.

Early start: For slower runners we plan an early start option. These runners will meet at 05:45 outside Penny Beeston's house at 21045 Cory Court, Cupertino, 95014 to carpool to Saratoga Gap to run at 06:15. Please park just outside on Stelling. Please indicate on the sign up form if you want to start early.

For the picnic:
Plan to arrive around 12.30. Bring your own drinks, utensils, and a dish to share. The club will provide home made clam chowder and maybe a salmon version. Please bring a real dish rather than chips & salsa. The latter are good but not when there are 12 varieties to choose from! Check the weather before you leave home as it can be chilly so you may need warm clothes.
The picnic is held above the beach some 300 yards south of Waddell Beach. Google map here.
We need Drivers, Coleman stoves, card tables, and beach chairs. Let Penny or Peggy know what you can help with. You can leave this info in the notes field in the sign up form.